Client Reviews

Prairie Health Ventures

"We hired Dave as part of a retreat we were hosting with a goal of personal and professional development. Although sitting watching Power Point presentations can be informative, audience participation, laughter and learning are much more effective. Dave has the ability to relate to everyone in the audience and to make them part of the experience. He doesn't just stand in front of the group - he mingles with the audience and relates on a one-to-one basis. There was a lot of laughter throughout his presentation but at the end of it and more importantly, there was a lot of learning. Comments from the participants were all positive and they appreciated his efforts to bring a quality session to the day's agenda. We were pleasantly surprised by the format and he was able to end the day's session on a light hearted note, making the audience walk away feeling energized and revitalized. We would recommend Dave without a moment's hesitation!"

Kentuckiana Project Management Institute

"As the organizer of the event, I am most grateful for your professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail. You made my job easier, and much less stressful. And because your presentation was so enjoyable, you made me look good just for hiring you!"

Iowa Land Title Association

"The ILTA appreciated the opportunity to have Dave Schwensen join us as our keynote presenter for our Annual Convention. ILTA received excellent evaluation results regarding Dave's presentation, 'You're Talking - But Is Anyone Really Listening?' Our group really enjoyed the humor and the audience participation, and Dave's presentation helped to ensure the success of our meeting."

Organization of Public Purchasers Central Ohio

"It is with much delight that I write this letter of recommendation about Dave Schwensen as a speaker for your next event. Dave's presentation was not only entertaining, but informative on the subject of how we communicate. His style was engaging and interesting and kept the audience interested. He ended the session with a very humorous and engaging activity which left everyone laughing and realizing the importance of his message."

"I would highly recommend Dave for your next event. In a business world where sometimes we tend to get stuck in our own lingo and terms, Dave reminds us to step out of the box, start a conversation, and have fun! Dave is a great choice for your next speaker."

Upstate New York National Association of Educational Procurement

"... set the perfect tone for a great conference. Our membership would endorse and label your speaking manner as a positive, funny, and delightful engagement of individuals sharing a special time of learning and laughing together."

Educational Office Professionals of Ohio

"The camaraderie felt during the conference solidified when we ended with your upbeat, informative session. Every one of the evaluation forms rated you a 5 or 5+ out of 5 being most excellent."

* Excellent and engaging.
* Great interaction - loved the laughter.
* Dave Schwensen was fantastic - thank you!
* Nice to have practical tips - handouts, etc.
* Excellent!
* Wish we had more time with Dave!

Automotive Profit Pro

"After you left, we continued to discuss some of the ideas and tips that you had provided to the group, and I know several people were excited to use the information as soon as possible."

Wisconsin Technology Educators Association

"Dave spoke to over 200 teachers on the topic of creative ways to communicate your message through humor. He was very well received by our membership as he presented his material in a very humorous yet professional manner. I felt he engaged the audience and made us an active participant in the presentation. Our membership participation was fantastic and the feedback received by the board of directors was exceptional. All of this would not have been possible without Dave's willingness to provide a superb keynote."

California Association of Educational Office Professionals

"You were a pleasure to work with. Everyone enjoyed meeting you and found your session both funny and informative. Thank you again for taking the time to share your expertise with us."

ASTD Workplace Learning & Performance Northeast Ohio Chapter

"You were tremendous! I heard one of our senior members who have been listening to trainers, speakers, and entertainers for better than 30 years say as they left: 'He was funny, educational, and engaging, the trifecta.' I could not agree more!"

Indiana Association of Educational Office Professionals

"Thank you for being such an entertaining keynote speaker at our IAEOP Spring Conference. The attendees were extremely impressed and very positive of your wonderful message. I had many inquiries for information on how to contact you. I just wanted to give you a few responses...

* Good entertaining, good message. I really enjoyed this speaker.
* Great! This is what we need; fun, interactive, and interesting. Not just lots of talking! A real feel-good speaker.
* Wonderful way to start the conference! It really made everyone feel refreshed and comfortable.
* Humor is so important! His message applies to our profession.
* He was excellent!
* Very entertaining. Made me laugh. Great speaker.
* Great way to start conference. Laughter is wonderful.
* Very entertaining. Good tips for creating humor.
* Good speaker. Good message.
* Wonderful, wonderful, just what I needed!

Ohio Continuing Higher Education Association

"With many heavy content-oriented sessions during the two days of the conference, your presentation offered a wonderful change - not because it lacked content, but because it made us all feel better about ourselves. Some of the comments include:

* It was informative, encouraging and entertaining.
* The message was pertinent and well-presented.
* Dave was funny and had an excellent point.
* Awesome - loved it!

Client List:

An important element of success is the ability to communicate your message and have it remembered. Each member of every team has experiences, thoughts and observations brimming with potential to break the ice whether making first impressions, maintaining established professional or educational relationships, increasing sales and productivity, or enhancing customer service. Good communication is a direct line to solid leadership. Some of our clients employing stronger communication tools based on personal creativity and good humor within a politically correct working environment include:

* Iowa Land Title Association (Des Moines, Iowa)
* Prairie Health Ventures (Nebraska City, Nebraska)
* Brennan Manna Diamond (Cleveland, Ohio)
* American Society Of Baking (Chicago, Illinois)
* Kentuckiana Project Management Institute (Louisville, Kentucky)
* Central Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers
* Wisconsin Technology Educators Association
* Virginia Retail Alliance
* Educational Office Professionals of Ohio
* Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE)
* Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services (Omaha, Nebraska)
* Metro Plains Management, LLC (Custer, South Dakota)
* Great Plains & Missouri Associations for College Admission Counseling (Overland Park, Kansas)
* New York State Association of Educational Office Professionals
* New England National Association of Educational Buyers
* California Association of Educational Office Professionals
* Ohio Continuing Higher Education Association
* New York National Association of Educational Procurement
* The Citizens Banking Company
* Ohio Capital Corporation For Housing
* Automotive Profit Pro (Cleveland, Ohio)
* Vita-Mix Corporation (Cleveland, Ohio)
* Youngstown State University
* Institute for Learning in Retirement
* Geauga County Dept of Community & Economic Development
* Air Conditioning Contractors of America
* Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors
* American Society of Appraisers
* Firelands Regional Medical Health Center
* American Society of Trainers and Developers