You're Talking - But Is Anyone Really Listening?





  • How do YOU get someone's attention and hold it long enough for them to remember what you say?

  • How can YOU break the "ice" and make a memorable first impression when meeting someone new? 

  • What separates YOU from anyone else offering superb customer service, better teamwork, networking opportunities or training?

  • What is YOUR competition doing that you're not?


You could hand someone a million dollars - that would get my attention! But if you're not Donald Trump, you need a better plan. It's time to open the lines of communication.




"Success starts with the word hello. What you say and how you say it matters more now than ever before." - Dave Schwensen




Talking For Success


The simple truth is that successful people know how to start and continue conversations that are not only heard - but listened to and remembered. Colorful emails, high-tech websites and expensive flyers may open the doors to communication, but eventually you'll have to meet face to face, pick up the phone, or look into a camera during a video conference. These are all opportunities for YOU to separate yourself from the rest of the pack - your competition - and build successful and productive relationships with clients, co-workers or students. Are YOU prepared? (Hint: It's more than just saying hello).




"The camaraderie felt during the conference solidified when we ended with your upbeat, informative session. Every one of the evaluation forms rated you a 5 or 5+ out of 5 being most excellent." - Educational Office Professionals of Ohio





"After you left, we continued to discuss some of the ideas and tips that you had provided to the group, and I know several people were excited to use the information as soon as possible." - Automotive Profit Pro, LLC




  • The key to superb customer service is relating to your clients
  • The key to success in sales is separating yourself from your competition
  • The key to teamwork and networking is building stronger relationships
  • The key to learning is relating to your instructor



Keynote and break out sessions

Dave Schwensen shows you how to have memorable and productive conversations by employing creativity and politically correct humor as communication enhancements without distracting from your message. 



These personality driven conversation techniques are the basis for courses he designed and instructs in communications and presentation skills at Cleveland State University and other "halls of higher learning." During his keynote presentations and seminars, Dave uses handouts from his course workbook and audience participation to explain and demonstrate how to develop dynamic and memorable conversations by following five simple steps. Communicating has never been more fun - and productive!



Dave's programs provide practical and useful information on how to benefit from improved conversational skills. But what truly separates his presentation style from others is his skillful use of humor, along with entertaining stories of how these five simple steps were used by famous celebrities during Dave's career as a television talent coordinator in Hollywood and New York. 



Audience Participation

Audiences gain a new awareness of what they already possess -  personal creativity and sense of humor - and how to utilize these talents as successful communication tools.


The results include:

  • Better professional relationships 

  • Effective customer service 

  • Improved teamwork 

  • Improved teaching skills 

  • Increased productivity and attendance 

  • Positive networking 

  • Successful sales presentations, (one-on-one or group)

  • Relieve stressful situations


"... set the perfect tone for a great conference. Our membership would endorse and label your speaking manner as a positive, funny, and delightful engagement of individuals sharing a special time of learning and laughing together." - Upstate New York National Association of Educational Procurement




"Our membership participation was fantastic and the feedback received by the board of directors was exceptional." - Wisconsin Technology Educators Association (WTEA)




Dave Schwensen's professional background enables him to bring unique solutions to common problems. A veteran of the fast paced and high stress entertainment industry in Hollywood and New York, he worked behind the scenes as a talent coordinator and consultant for television networks, film studios and live performance venues. With egos and star power often clashing on a daily basis, Dave developed an innovative style of business communication skills to promote teamwork and meet deadlines through his relationships with many of today's top stars and production companies.




Dave Schwensen has been featured on PBS Television and Radio, Chicago Tribune, U.S. News & World Report, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Hollywood Reporter, Magazine, Ohio Magazine and many others. He has also made numerous national and regional television and radio appearances as a communications consultant and author.


* Keynotes and training seminars include audience participation and handouts from university courses.