For your next meeting or event, let's do something different...

The best way to kick off, energize or close out your conference or meeting on a high note is to get everyone involved. Dave lightens the mood for your next meeting or event with an interactive program that entertains and opens the lines of communication by encouraging your attendees to take a memorable turn in the spotlight. Combining techniques from his comedy workshops and courses in communications and presentation skills he designed and instructed for Cleveland State University, Youngstown State University and other halls of higher learning, your audience volunteers become the "stars" of this fast paced and energetic presentation.

Audience Interactive

Audience participation is the key to this fun(ny) session!

Using a simple (and politically correct, of course) guide from Dave’s university course workbook, your event attendees create and deliver short, humorous conversation starters by combining experiences from your conference or meeting with humor to answer a very common question, “How are you today?” Ending with an improvisational game demonstrating the importance of listening (the audience picks the volunteers to play!) the results are a laughter-inducing way to break the ice, build teams and promote networking.

As a nationally recognized comedy coach, trainer, author and television talent coordinator in Hollywood and New York, Dave brings the fun of a comedy club to the meeting room. The end result is a "getting to know you better" session through sharing a talent everyone possesses (whether they'll admit to it or not) - a sense of humor.

Informative AND Entertaining

Make your next meeting or event one to remember!

What does this program accomplish?

  • Breaking the ice (memorable meet & greet opening session)
  • Improved teamwork
  • Increased networking opportunities
  • Entertainment and laughter.

* Training seminars and break out sessions use elements from Dave's comedy workshops and include audience participation and worksheets from his university courses.

For questions, scheduling and pricing…

Contact Dave at 440-315-4077, email or use the contact form on this site. Thank you for reading and I look forward to working - and laughing - with you!

Iowa Land Title Association

"Our group really enjoyed the humor and the audience participation, and Dave's presentation helped to ensure the success of our meeting."

Educational Office Professionals of Ohio

"Every one of the evaluation forms rated you a 5 or 5+ out of 5 being most excellent."

New York National Association of Educational Procurement

"Set the perfect tone for a great conference."

Kentuckiana Project Management Institute

"Because your presentation was so enjoyable, you made me look good just for hiring you!"

Prairie Health Ventures

"We would recommend Dave without a moment's hesitation!"

Wisconsin Technology Educators Association

"Our membership participation was fantastic, and the feedback received by the board of directors was exceptional."

CILC Pinnacle Award Winner

"For remarkable quality of educational content and exceptional skill at program delivery." - Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration

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